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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Short Week Edition

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Today, all the talk is about Jim Tressel stepping down as head coach of the Ohio St. Buckeyes.  The fallout from this thing will be going on for a while.

Meanwhile, in Kentucky land, Terrence Jones has decided not to try out for Team USA and focus on his studies in summer school.  I'm happy to hear that.

Now, for the rest of today's links:

  • Teams on the verge of ending NCAA Tournament droughts in 2012 - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News
  • Jim Tressel Resignation Renews Athlete-Pay Talk -
    From $200K to $0. Quite a large range of opinions among the athletes, I'd say.

  • Tressel's mighty fall changes everything - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -

    If a waiter sends an e-mail to Rick Pitino that says three of his seniors have been getting free bar tabs, Pitino is going to have to ask the Louisville compliance department to check it out. If a mechanic sends an e-mail to Rick Barnes that says two of his freshman have been driving discounted cars from a local lot, Barnes is going to have to ask the Texas compliance department to check it out. If a fan of a rival school sends an email to Lorenzo Romar that says one of his boosters paid a recruit's summer coach $15,000 for a signed national letter of intent, Romar is going to have to ask the Washington compliance department to check it out, and you can see how this might be an issue for some head coaches, can't you?

    Indeed, if that were what was to happen. 

    I do expect that the NCAA will have to address the credibility of such complaints.  As a general proposition, running down every such lead could quickly become a way that crazed fans ruin the game for the rest of us, and there is nothing we can do about it.  So the NCAA must make sure that this doesn't become abused to the point of paralyzing programs.