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Calipari's Twitter Account Hacked? Possessed? Any Ideas? Beuller?

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As most everyone knows by now, John Calipari tweeted out an odd comment the other day chastising "the triumvirate" for a conspiracy of silence, ostensibly about the spate of good news and positive press opportunities UK and Calipari have had recently.  He subsequently revised and extended his remarks with this tweet, which did little to help me unravel his meaning, although others have weighed in with suggestions.

In fact, it was so confusing to me (and to others like John Clay. I guess we both misplaced our secret Big Blue decoder ring) that I propose the theory that that Calipari's Twitter account was hacked, much like New York Rep. Anthony Weiner (no political commentary intended, and note the conspicuous absence of the obvious double entendre) in which a picture of an aroused man in underpants was sent out to approximately 40,000 people from Weiner's Twitter account.  I guess Cal's hackers were rather more family-friendly, and opted to merely confuse us rather than offend.

As I mentioned, various theories have emerged as to the meaning of Calipari's tweet, among them:

I like my hacker theory better than most of them, although a random fit of pique is mighty tough to rule out.