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Memorial Day Memories: Kentucky-Duke 1998 Recap

This is a very good memory.  Look at how young Kenny Mayne is.

Perhaps this victory did not quite banish the demons of 1992 for everyone, but for many Wildcat fans it did.  I know that after this game, I felt tremendous pride and satisfaction, especially considering the come-from-behind nature of the game.

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the 1992 game, and as of now, this game is a reminder of Kentucky's last Final Four appearance before last year.  It is appropriate, I think, that we look back at these games and remember them, especially considering Kentucky's likely position next year as one of the favorites to win the National Championship.

For all our veteran readers, happy Memorial Day weekend.  May God bless and keep the families of those service men and women lost in conflict, or otherwise lost while serving our country.  We remember with eternal gratitude and pride those who have defended America's freedom with the sacrifice of our dearest blood.