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Schadenfreude Friday: Louisville Loses Scholarships

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As an adjunct to Ken's post just below, a bit of news has come in that give Kentucky fans a sweet opportunity for a bit of schadenfreude.  It seems that the Louisville Cardinals Magic Revolving Coaching Carousel (at least, according to the guy who started it up) has produced an APR that failed to meet the NCAA minimum standard.  Consequently, the Cardinals will forfeit three scholarships.

This news comes on the heels of Kentucky getting a good APR report for all its sports despite the Daniel Orton epic fail last year when he bailed out of the spring semester, a faux pas Orton later apologized for.

To be fair (and here at A Sea of Blue, we're all about being fair), the academic results of the football team have turned around since Charlie Strong came aboard according to the Card Chronicle, so that's good news for the Cardinal football team.