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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Still Waiting For DeAndre Daniels Edition

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The Kentucky Wildcats, Kansas Jayhawks, and Texas Longhorns all still await the decision by DeAndre Daniels with respect to exactly who's scholarship agreement he is going to sign.  The time for signing LOI's is past, so even when he does finally name a school, that decision will be about as binding as a verbal commitment.

Here are a few random tweets about Daniels today:

Richard Rosberg
Deandre Daniels can you imaging him the first day trying to pick his classes? Hoch Auditorium goes black and he's standing alone in the dark
matt herrera
This just in: ESPN will have a live TV special called "The Decision" where DeAndre Daniels will announce college choice
Tim Burgess
New theory: DeAndre Daniels is waiting to see if the rapture really is May 21, so he can figure out if he needs to pick a college at all.

Now, for the news: