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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Enes Kanter Shows Off Skills

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SLAM Magazine online has an exclusive article on Enes Kanter up including a fairly lengthy video of one of his recent workouts.  For those of us who have rarely had the chance to see Enes do anything on a basketball court, it comes as a pleasant surprise to see that he seems to be in marvelous shape, and looks extremely polished shooting the basketball.

Enes has dropped about 12 lbs during the time he has spent at Chicago's Attack Athletics gym preparing for the NBA draft:

The first thing that was noticeable about Kanter was how much better his body looked. Not that he was ever out of shape in the first place, the 6-11 Turk went from around 270 pounds in March to a shredded 258 pounds as of Monday. He claims that he wants to play at "around 265 or 270 pounds" in the NBA, but get his weight back up the right away. Either way, you couldn’t help but be amazed at the progress that he’s made on his body in such a short time frame

There is no doubt Enes passes the eye test.  But what about his game?

Having the chance to watch Enes shoot nearly 200 jumpers throughout the two workouts, we can tell you that this cat has certainly improved his J-work. He was nearly automatic inside of the European three point line, showing his potential to stretch the D as a 4/5 (whether he likes it or not, I’m sure he’s going to play some center). When the big man stepped out beyond the NBA arc, he showed off a smooth release and had solid, but not spectacular results shooting 13/25 and 15/25 respectively. More importantly, Enes made considerable improvement speeding up the release of his shot and cleaning up the loose ends of his form.

Be sure to check out the entire article as well as the video over at SLAM Magazine.  Don't miss the dunk attempt Kanter makes taking off almost from the free throw line.  What I really love is how capable Kanter is with either hand, and you will see that on display in the video.  The range and smoothness of his jumpshot are also a marvel to watch for a man his size.

Yeah, this kid has game.  I try not to think about how good UK could have been with him on the court instead of on the bench this year. 

For all sad words of tongue and pen, The saddest are these, 'It might have been'. -- John Greenleaf Whittier