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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Anthony Davis Walks Softly And Carries A Big Game

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ESPN The Magazine is a subscription you get with ESPN Insider, but the folks at the magazine thoughtfully let me peek at an article they had about 2011 UK incoming freshman Anthony Davis.  The piece is short, but provides an interesting back-story about how Davis is perceived by such 2011 studs as Duke recruit Austin Rivers and Texas' Myck Kabongo.

It seems that before the McDonalds All-America game came along, the other 2011 Mickey D's had this opinion that Davis catapulted up the recruiting ratings solely due to his amazing 7" growth spurt his senior year.  Most of them were unimpressed with Davis, and as unassuming as Davis is, he did nothing to disabuse them of that notion before he got on the court in a closed-door practice session in the United Center in the days preceding the game.

At first, Davis did little to change their minds.  Then, on an offensive rebound, he pulled off an amazing, reverse-left handed dunk that included a between-the-legs dribble on the attack.  That play blew the prior notions of the other Burger Boys to rhetorical shreds.

Needless to say, they are believers now.  You can read the whole article as a subscriber to ESPN Insider.