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The 2011 NFL Draft: Second And Third Round Open Thread

I'm a little late getting this up, apologies for that.

Please comment all you like on the NFL Draft second and third rounds which take place tonight.  Randall Cobb will hopefully be headed to a team in this round, which is very exciting for Kentucky fans.

As all of you know, I am not very adept in things related to the NFL, so I will be relying on those of you with expertise in this area.  With that said, I am thrilled to see a Kentucky player with the potential to go on the second draft day.  It's not unprecedented, by any means, but it has been a little more rare than most of us would like.

Let's get behind the 'Cats remaining in the draft and wish them long, healthy careers playing the game they love, and continue to make the Commonwealth proud as they have throughout their careers.

Go, 'Cats!

UPDATE: Randall Cobb goes to the world champion Green Bay Packers with the final pick of the 2nd round, the 64th overall selection!  Congratulations to Randall!  Prediction -- Several teams will rue the day they passed on Cobb (he was the 7th wide out taken).

Some of Cobb's competition at the receiver spot: Greg Jennings, 36-year old Donald Driver, James Jones (he's a free agent this year), and Jordy Nelson.  Expect Cobb to start immediately as a kick returner.