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2011 NFL Draft

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As we await the football fate of Randall Cobb, Derrick Locke, and Chris Matthews, among others, here's a little taste of what's going on in the NFL Draft:

Selected 1st overall (Carolina) was Auburn quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Cameron Newton.  Making the SEC look probably better that it is (yes, I jest) is the fact that five of the first six selections are from America's best football conference.  Here's the breakdown -- #3 Marcell Dareus, a defensive tackle from Alabama to Buffalo (Stevie gets some help), #4 A.J. Green, a wide receiver from Georgia to Cincinnati, #5 Patrick Peterson, a corner back from LSU to Arizona, #6 Julio Jones, a wide receiver from Alabama to Atlanta.

Other SEC players picked so far: #13 Nick Fairley, a defensive tackle from Auburn to Detroit, and #15 Mike Pouncey, an O-lineman from Florida to Miami. 

Update: James Carpenter, an O-lineman from Alabama, was selected by Seattle with the 25th pick.  Mark Ingram (RB), the 2010 Heisman Trophy winner from Alabama, was selected with the 28th pick by New Orleans. 

Updates are forthcoming, and please feel free to discuss!