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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Three To Test The Waters Edition

Well, now we have the news that we have all anticipated, and no doubt dreaded to some degree.  Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, and DeAndre Liggins will all put their names into the draft without hiring agents.

I think this is wise, and really the only advice Calipari could give based on the number of high-profile withdrawals we have seen recently.  This could be the weakest draft in decades, and Brandon Knight looks for all the world to be a top five pick in this year's group.  Hard to blame him for putting his name in.

Jones also figures to be a lottery pick, and Liggins right now looks like a second-rounder, although that didn't stop Jodie Meeks from going.  But there is the specter of the lockout, and that means that going in the first round might not even garner you a paycheck next year, let alone millions.  That will figure in to the decisions.  But for us, we will be forced to stand, and wait...and hope.

Now, for the news: