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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Knight, Jones & Liggins All Declare For Draft

No fancy press conference, just a media release from the athletics department that Brandon Knight, Terrence Jones, and DeAndre Liggins have declared for the 2011 NBA Draft. The silver lining is that none of them have yet signed with an agent. Liggins is obviously the most likely to return, and I suppose there's an outside chance Knight and Jones will as well.

Per John Calipari: "I support the decision these three have made to take advantage of the process of putting their names in the draft. They were a joy to coach this year and I would love the opportunity to continue to coach them again next season.  I will always support my players in weighing their options and doing what is personally best for them and their families."

Consider this your venting thread.

UPDATE: I didn't mean for the word "venting" to be construed as something negative. Knight, Jones and Liggins have all accomplished much during their careers at Kentucky, and I'm sure I speak for Big Blue Nation when I say that I am extremely proud of their achievements and how well they represented the program. Instead, I'm more lamenting the fan's wish that all three return for another shot at a National Title. Regardless of their decisions, I wish them all the best in their careers, whether next year is spent in a Kentucky or an NBA uniform.