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Kentucky 21, UConn 31 -- Second Half Open Game Thread

Jones was okay this half offensively, but just barely.
Jones was okay this half offensively, but just barely.

Well, the Kentucky Wildcats have not played a bad half of basketball in the NCAA tournament -- until now.  I have no idea how UConn is not up 20 points with the kind of crazy, ball-hogging offense we have seen from Kentucky.  This is the exact opposite of what we have come to expect from the Wildcats.  I suppose we were due for a bad half of basketball, since we haven't played one in about 10 games.

Give the Connecticut Huskies credit -- they came into this game much looser, and they have run their offense very well.  Kemba Walker is the facilitator, and Jeremy Lamb and Alex Oriakhi are the beneficiaries of his floor generalship.  Several times, the Huskies have schooled Kentucky on the pick and roll, and with the second foul on Josh Harrellson, began to hurt Kentucky on the offensive glass.

To be honest, I am very happy to be in at the half only down 10, it could have been a lot worse, and arguably should have been.  Hopefully, Calipari can settle them down, get them to run the offense, and we will see a different team in the second stanza.

Go, 'Cats!