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Signing Day: The Late Signing Period For NCAA Basketball Begins Today

Today begins the late signing period for college basketball, which runs through the 18th of May.  Jason Hickson at MaxPreps has a few of the major questions that will be answered soon, like:

  • Whence Trevor Lacey and DeAndre Daniels?
  • Are there any other recruitments going on that bear watching?
  • Are the new coaches making an impression on recruits?

Plus, lots more in the way of questions and plenty of speculation about the answers.

Also John Calipari just tweeted a few minutes ago that he will be appearing on ESPNU today around 2:00 PM for their signing day special.  That promises to be very interesting for those of us able to take a look at it.

Also, just in case you don't know, Josh Harrellson has launched a new website,, capitalizing on his popularity, which I am perfectly happy to see.  Josh earned his position through hard work and determination, and now that he is going to be thrust out into the real world to earn a living, why not get a leg up on the competition?  I expect to see Kyrie Irving launch a new rehabilitation footware site,, any fine day now. 

Cybersquatters, you heard it here first.

Finally, check out the current list of early entries over at The Sporting News.