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Unleash the Rage Talks Kentucky and the Final Four

The Final Four is about to begin.
The Final Four is about to begin.

Once again, I joined Steve, Dennis, Robert and Brian last night to take a look at the latest SEC-related news, talk about the Final Four, and pick our winners.  There will be a shorter show on Sunday where we will talk about the NCAA Championship game.

This episode takes a look at the recent revelations out of Auburn University, allegations that players were paid by boosters during the Tommy Tuberville era.  There was an HBO special the other day where some of these charges were revealed, and there is no doubt some sort of NCAA investigation and action will be forthcoming.  The issue of pay for play has naturally arisen out of this, and the panel discusses this issue briefly before moving on to the Final Four.

The Final Four segment of the show should very much interest Kentucky fans, since all these guys are competent basketball analysts in their own right, and I add my .02 in there for comic relief, if nothing else. We hit all the highlights of the Va. Commonwealth Rams, the Butler Bulldogs, the Kentucky Wildcats, and the Connecticut Huskies and handicap their chances of reaching the final game.  This panel contains a very nice diversity of fans of various schools, including Florida, Duke, Kentucky and Arizona, so the opinions of guys who follow some of basketball's better programs are in there.

Click here to listen.  The show is about 1 hr. long, and can be downloaded in a podcast from iTunes.