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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Tournament Week Edition

As the SEC prepares for post-season play over the next few days, we'll have lots of news about who's in, who's out, and what the final landscape is likely to look like.  The Kentucky Wildcats have a favorable draw, but there is still a considerable amount of basketball to be played.

Based on the AP poll of this week, I believe Kentucky has found itself into the 4 line in the NCAAs, but it would take just a stumble in the SEC tournament to bump them back to a 5.  I have seen theories of a 3 seed, but I don't really think UK can get there from here unless they get a lot of help.  I also don't buy the Louisville Cardinals as a 3 seed, unless they get to the finals of the Big East tournament, but for a fact, they do have an opportunity to improve their case even with a couple of wins.

Now for the links: