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Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: Road? Where we're going, we don't need "roads."

Everybody in America knows how passionate the Big Blue Nation is about college basketball.  When I say, "everybody" I mean it more literally than figuratively.  In fact, according to this article in today's Lexington Herald-Leader, Kentucky fans are so numerous and find so many ways to band together to watch games, they have become fond of taking over local dining/drinking establishments and forming enclaves outside the Commonwealth:

It comes just in time for Sunday's away game against Tennessee (we even tracked down two Wildcat dens deep in Volunteer country: Knoxville) and the start of the SEC Tournament next week.

Even if the true road game in Knoxville doesn't pan out that well, the neutral-site games are likely to have a distinctly home-like flavor for the traveling Wildcats.  In order to maximize this advantage, be sure to check out all the locations provided in the article, and plan on finding your way to join your fellow Wildcats expatriates if you can't make it to the games themselves.

We are the Big Blue Nation.  Hear us roar!