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Kentucky Wildcats 38 @ North Carolina Tar Heels 30: Second Half Game Thread

The Kentucky Wildcats lead the North Carolina Tar Heels 38-30 in a game in which both teams are getting a little bit of what they wanted.  North Carolina has managed to get out on a few breaks that have resulted in some and-1's, Kentucky has been able to get open 3-point shots which they have made, and both teams are getting some paint scoring and have a bit of foul trouble.

But what has set Kentucky apart is the number of open 3's they have gotten, and subsequently made.  A lot of that can be traced to some excellent on-ball action by the Wildcats in the pick and roll, and by the fact that Josh Harrellson is once again doing yeoman's work inside.

This game has barely begun, and the least important score of the game is the halftime score.  As far as I am concerned, Kentucky needs to defend better and be more patient on offense.  I thought we let UNC speed us up a bit too much.

Go, 'Cats!