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ASOB Exclusive - Roy Breaks Down UK-UNC

There's no doubt that Twitter has changed the game in the interaction between fans and the players, coaches and teams they love, and the ones they love to hate.  A quick search, and one can find and follow just about any sports personality that interests them.

One day, I was scouring the twitterverse for North Carolina coach Roy Williams.  I came across a Twitter handle that fit roys style and personality - @DaggumRoy.  After going back and forth with Roy, I found him to be an affable fella feller fellow (dagblern it, he's rubbing off on me). 

Because we here at ASOB like to bring you the hottest information and the best interviews, I fired an email off to Roy.  Knowing he's a very, very busy man, I was shocked when he replied that he'd be "hapyer 'en pig in mud" to chat with us.  We talked about how UK and UNC match up, the play of Josh Harrellson, his week in Newark, and even what Coach K has been up to.

The interview is after the jump.  Any spelling, grammatical or other mistakes by Roy were left in via an editorial decision.  Bottom line: You don't mess with genius, even if it can't spell.

1) You've had a little trouble in the past 24-hours with fire alarms and distractions.  You seem to think Coach Cal is behind it.  Do you think he's using these distractions to get an edge?
Calipara?  You know daggerned gotdern well I runned that Caroliner Chinese 'far drill at the presser today.  Those faincy question-asker type deals are as borin' as one a Zeller's "dunks", so a lil false 'far alarm gives em uppita media types somethin to write on, and alsa give Hensern time to hide ma reserve Co-Cola's in the gotforsaken Prudentia Center. (You got them cotdamn Co-Colar back-ups hid, didn't ya, Hensern?!  Hensern! Hensern!)
 Thought we ort to do somethin 'cause one them Kentucka fan fellers tell me that Calipara was "gonna drink all ma Co-Cola's tomorrow.''   Might could. 

2) Talk about the play of Josh Harrellson.  He has really blossomed since the game in Chapel Hill.

I did 36 holes of scoutin' on this feller Saturday and I can tell ya right now if he whar's them jean shorts tomorrow, we're gonna have some daggum problems.  Most of these boys want er wear these ol baggy thangs and if he comes in thar with them short un's ... I don't know.   Tryin' to shelter Zell from that kinder pornographa.  Real concern is that this Jorts-ellson feller could put a hurt n squirt on Zell and Hensern.  We had a whoop of a incident with Zeller in the Alexander Julian Light Blue n White scrimmage n Tea we have in the preseason --  Dean Dome air conditionin' swoled up outta no-whar and blew Zell's right arm clean off.  Sewed er back, but he's a kinder, uh, a sissa. Heck, that Alaskan y'all had last yr whispered at him and snapped a daggum vertebra in Z's neck. Gotdern.         

3) How is life since Larry Drew left the team?  Things seem to be going well.
Larry Drew's rap sanging career has really taken off and we are just plum vera happy for him.  Vera, vera happy. I'd say, tickled pank.  Happa.  Quite frankla, owe Larry Drew Jr a thank-ya. Basically, wonned the daggern ACC Coach a Year thang based on ma quick, year-and-a-half decision-makin-thankin' a puttin' Kender at the point and sittin' Larry Drew II. Daddy come get him right after that.

4) Talk about this match up with UK.  How do you see it playing out?  What are the keys to beating the red-hot 'Cats?
What I'll prob'la do is do some hollerin', sit a bit, drank about  six iced, ice-cold Co-Colars, maybe go one knee with the vertiga early second half, then see if Harrson feels up ta shooting maybe a 3 at the end, be it tied or we're down 20.  Ain't changin what we do 'cause of them.  Gotter play Our game.  Am worried bout this Liggins feller.  I 'har they call him 'The Warlock.'  Anyways, Harrson's got his warm-ups all in a wad that he might could get "Warlocked' by this feller.  'At scares ma dadgum mule. 

5) Kentucky and North Carolina are the winningest programs in the history of the NCAA tournament. Now they are playing for a spot in the Final Four.  Talk about the significance of this game.
Ma recollection is that Kentucka and North Caroliner are the winnernest programs in the histra of the NC2A tournament.  And I thank, and correct me in the face if I need it, but what we be'd playin for is that Final Four, or Final Six, in that range.  Last six or seven teams left, something like that.  So it feels kindly signifircant, but not completely sure.  I'll have to check with ol Dean, er, Coach Smith on that.

6) How have you been enjoying Newark?  Have you met Snooki?
 Wander watches 'at filth with the Snooka's and the one feller, The Saturation, what have ya.  Will say they have 'at nice color about em, orange-y glow, sim'lar to somethin I could go for. 
 But, now, I don't know who the sumbitch at the NC2A's it were who said, 'Yeah, let's get Newarks involved, get em one them regional sites for the Tournament', but I'd like to put his fanny in a Wyndam Gardens Motel out in North New Jersa on a Thursday afternoon and see if he can come up with some better a do for 15 young un's than sit in thar room all day watchin Bill Cosba reruns.
 Maybe one flippin casina might be nice

7) If you manage to beat Kentucky and go to the Final Four, how will you celebrate?
 Haven't realla thought on the chainsh of that right yet.  Wander's got us signed up for one them all-'clusive, all-u-drank tropical cruises, leaves next Thursda out Porta Rica, Mexica.  So might not be able to do 'at Finer Four anyway.  Reminds me, need to hit the Sun Tan Cita if thar's one round har, if you know.  Might be a Snooka question.      

8) What do you think Coach K is doing in his down time?

 Suckin' it!


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