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West Virginia 41, Kentucky 33: Second Half Game Thread

Not much to say about the first half except that there were an awful lot of questionable calls.  Hopefully, the officials and the Wildcats will get it together in the second half.

I don't understand putting Doron Lamb in with 2 fouls so he can pick up a third.  I can only conclude that there was a lack of communication on the bench somehow leading to Calipari not knowing the situation.  Either way, it was a gamble that, I think we have to say, simply failed.

Terrence Jones and Darius Miller have been invisible.  Brandon Knight has been very aggressive, but maybe too aggressive as he has turned the ball over a number of times already.  In fact, Kentucky has seven turnovers this half, and that, along with remarkably good 3-point shooting from West Virginia is responsible for the deficit.

We need a lot more effort in the second half. Go, 'Cats!