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Defensive Score Sheet: SECT games 1 and 2

For an explanation of the Defensive Score Sheet go here.

Here are DSS sheets for UK's first two games against Ole Miss and Alabama in the SEC Tournament.  I haven't had time to rewatch the Florida game yet, but I'll try to get that up tomorrow along with an SEC Tournament aggregate for the Cats.  Nothing fancy here, just the sheets with a few observations.

First up is Mississippi:


  • A good all around defensive effort by the Cats, most everyone is right around the team average which was pretty good.
  • Hood had maybe his best defensive performance this season, even if it is just in 5 minutes. Also solid minutes out Vargas, though all his forced misses came in 2 possessions where Ole Miss kept getting offensive rebounds.
  • Lamb was really good about challenging Chris Warren's shots when he was on him.  Warren hit a number of well defended jumpers but also missed a good number, mostly in the 2nd half.
  • In their first matchup, Buckner and Henry were Ole Miss's top defenders, this time they were more in the middle of the pack. 
  • In many ways, UK was their own worst enemy in the game as evidenced by the Ole Miss "TEAM" line, which is made up of open looks on the forced miss/made FG columns.

Now here is Alabama:


  • Big props to Josh Harrellson who came away with the 2nd best Defensive Rating while participating in the greatest percentage of possessions while on the floor (ignoring the 1 minute influenced number for Hood)
  • Brandon Knight appears in the top half of the team again, an indication I think that his defense was almost as good as his offense during the tournament.