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March Madness -- ASoB Bracket Challenge

tourney bracket (3)
tourney bracket (3)

It's March Madness time, 'Cat fans!

To celebrate March Madness and get in on all the fun around here, ASoB is once again going to do our very own NCAA tourney bracket challenge on Yahoo! Sports.  This will be the fourth year in a row for the ASoB challenge and if you would like try your hand against your fellow ASoB members, I invite you to fill out a bracket(s) for yourself.  All ASoB members are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Those of you who participated in this challenge in years past are old pros by now and know exactly what to do, but for those of you who didn't get in on the fun before this year or for those who need a reminder where to go, please click here.  Once you click on that link, you will want to pick the "Join Group" button.  If you don't currently have a Yahoo! account, you will be prompted to create one.  After you have created a Yahoo! account, or you have simply signed in to your existing account you will need to enter the Group ID # 60638 and Group Password asob2011 (no space) to access our group and once you have created your bracket name you can then enter your picks.

As far as your bracket name, I would make the suggestion to use your ASoB username or something similar as your bracket name (for example, I use bigskycat).  It makes it easy to identify everyone that way. 

The deadline for making your picks is the tip-off of the first game scheduled for Thursday, March 17th.  The maximum number of brackets you call fill out for the ASoB group is 2.

Something that I don't remember from previous years and something that might be convenient for those of you who have Facebook accounts is that apparently you can sync your Yahoo! bracket with Facebook so that your score and the standings after every round post to your FB profile.

There will be no money involved, of course, and other than bragging rights for the winner(s) there are no physical prizes to speak of.

So, once again, if you feel like having a little fun by celebrating this awesome thing that is March Madness and you want to pit your college hoops knowledge against that of your fellow ASoB members, go for it.

Good luck and be sure to give a shout if you have any questions.