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NCAA Tournament Selection: Open Thread Continuation

"Don't play too hard guys, the committee seeded us yesterday."
"Don't play too hard guys, the committee seeded us yesterday."

The other one was getting really stiff, so I thought I would open up another open thread for general conversation related to the NCAA brackets that were announced today.

@Susan_Shan has the best explanation so far for the #4 seed for UK

Gene Smith said that when Kentucky came up for voting, people valued Kentucky differently. Translation: winning streak counted for nothing.

My translation of Smith's remark: "We couldn't figure out what the little marks on the info sheets were, we thought maybe they were Sanskrit.  So we rolled the dice and it came up 4."

@KentTaylorWAVE had this:

Calipari shook his head and left room when Florida popped on screen as a 2 seed

Heh.  Well, I guess throwing things in a room full of media would be bad form.

Finally, @JayBilas:

Committee had a tough job; this is a weak field. But, no excuse for these decisions. The Big East officiating crew made better calls.

That's going to leave a mark.