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Kentucky 37, Alabama 21: Second Half Open Game Thread

Kentucky has rarely been as potent in a half during SEC season as they were in the first half of this game.  The Kentucky Wildcats leads the Alabama Crimson Tide by 16 points, mainly on the strength of excellent shooting and strong interior defensive play.

Finally, when the Wildcats realized the mismatch at the three, they got the ball to Darius Miller and he responded by scoring seven first half points.  JaMychal Green also got two early fouls, and though he avoided the third, he was was not nearly as effective as normal.

Also troubling the Tide is Tony Mitchell, who left midway through the first half with some kind of calf injury.  We hope Mitchell is okay to return in the second half.

One half to go.  UK has a tendency to lose big leads, so nobody breathe easy yet.