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Mississippi @ Kentucky: Second Half Game Thread

For the benefit of mobile users, I'm opening up a second half game thread.

Kentucky leads Ole Miss 36-29 after one half of basketball and a lot of foul trouble.  Kentucky had some good moments in the first half, but they really had some defensive breakdowns also.  It didn't help that Ole Miss made 4 three pointers, and got a number of good, open looks from the perimeter.  What worries me most is that Chris Warren did little in the first half, and he is the kind of player who can kill you.

Lamb was great.  Knight was okay.  Jones was hurt, and it showed.  Kentucky needs to do a lot more, and while 36 points is not bad for the half, I really don't like our defense toward the end of the half, and the foul trouble is definitely worrisome.

Go, 'Cats.