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Kentucky Fans Offend Bruce Pearl's Delicate Sensibilities

I know.  This is how Bruce Pearl says, "I love you!"
I know. This is how Bruce Pearl says, "I love you!"

Consider the following quote from an article by Mark Wiedmer in the Chattanooga Times Free Press:

He also spoke of crowd issues behind the UK bench, complaining of language from Big Blue fans in the final half.

"They can say whatever they want," he said. "But for me, the language ... I have family sitting back there."

Daggummit Bruce, I don't know what to say.  Everybody was offended when our coach got overheard imputing an incestuous relationship to Terrence Jones in a colorful way, and I guess that potty-mouth just rubbed off on all of us.

I think the real reason for all that invective, though, was that jacket you wear into Rupp Arena.  Seriously, dude, that jacket is about as offensive as a profane tirade in front of an eight-year old Mormon girl.  How is any self-respecting Kentucky fan supposed to look at that thing for two hours up close and not have a, "gosh-darn" or "dagnabbit" slip out?  Compound that with your hyperhidrosis and goblinesque visage, and it's no wonder some poor Big Blue soul had a irresistible urge to let fly with a wordy-dird.

Bruce, I'm afraid this is most likely a case of a fan providing a little well-justified malediction.