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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Kentucky In Crisis Edition

The "c" word has been used by Coach Cal to describe Kentucky's situation at the moment, and apparently, the coach took advantage of the flight back from Gainesville to Lexington to impress upon his young charges that going down in flames is not how he rolls.

Tonight, the Bruce Pearl has been released from Mike Slive's SEC dungeon and the Great Orange Goblin will once again be slobbering and sweating all over the hallowed hardwood of Rupp Arena in the hope of leading the Tennessee Volunteers to victory over the Kentucky Wildcats.  I expect the Rupp Arena crowd to welcome Bruce Pearl with disdain at best, and make no mistake, Pearl has earned the scorn of every basketball fan in every town in America save one.

But Pearl-loathing or no, the Volunteers are a talented, experienced bunch, and talented, experienced teams have been just the ticket to send Kentucky back to the Kraft Center with their tail between their collective legs.

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