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Schadenfreude, Thy Name Is Rick Stansbury

Rick Stansbury has made some really unfortunate comments in the media the last few years about Kentucky, which is why it feels perversely satisfying to see him get this kind of abuse from his players.  I have made a few less than totally positive comments about Stansbury in my time, and now, I'm happy to be joined by a couple of his own guys.

To be fair to the coach, he is actually doing the right thing banning his players from Twitter.  We have had our share of Temporary Twidiot Madness when Josh Harrellson famously popped off to John Calipari earlier this year.  I just hope Ravern Johnson and Renardo Sidney don't suddenly morph into vastly improved players after their outbursts like Harrellson did.

But I have to confess a bit of schadenfreude here.  Stansbury has pushed my buttons more than once in the last couple of years.  That karmic burden has to be repaid, and this is little bit of embarassment is a very nice down payment.