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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Former UK Players Edition

This morning's linkapalooza has a lot of updates on former UK players of fairly recent vintage.  Plus, there is a lot of talk about Josh Harrellson's upcoming senior night on Tuesday.  Every time I think of how Josh Harrellson has improved, it makes me smile.  That kid has done himself more good in one year than any player I can ever recall.

And now for the links:

  • Rush The Court :: Morning Five: 02.28.11 Edition
  • Randolph Morris Has Another Monster Day for Beijing

    Former University of Kentucky big man Randolph Morris continues to be an unstoppable force in the Chinese Basketball Association.

    Good for him.  Glad to see he is doing well, even if it isn't in the NBA.

  • Josh Harrellson Chat at Noon and "Jorts Day"
  • Mr. Efficiency (UK version): Josh Harrellson :: Eric Crawford

    And for the University of Kentucky, nobody has a higher offensive rating than senior Josh Harrellson, who ranks No. 11 nationally in the statistic. Harrellson is used on only 13 percent of UK’s possessions when he’s in the game, and takes only 12.8 percent of the shots. (Many of those, by the way, are on offensive rebounds. Pomeroy has Harrellson ranked 15th nationally in offensive rebound percentage, but I get a headache when figuring out the formula for that.)

    Hard to believe, but absolutely true.  Harrellson is the 11th most efficient player in the NCAA.  For those who don't know, the offensive rating (Ortg) is points produced per 100 player possessions.