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Big Blue Linkapalooza: Final Four Games of the Season Edition

After downing the South Carolina Gamecocks yesterday in Rupp Arena and playing one of their best games of the season in the process, the Kentucky Wildcats find themselves with four critical games that will go a long way toward deciding where they will wind up in the NCAA tournament seeding.

Calipari is famous for claiming to worry about the NCAA seed and not such mundane things as SEC championships, but as is usually the case, one hand washes the other -- win the SEC regular season and tournament championship, and get a high seed.  The regular season seems out of reach at the moment barring a collapse by Alabama and/or Florida, but the Wildcats will get a shot at all the teams ahead of them in the East before tournament time.  That could be a good and a bad thing at the same time.

Today's links:

  • Even in 31-point win, Cal says Cats got too sloppy :: Vaught's Views
    No game is perfect, but Kentucky had some some of their best moments of the season defensively and offensively in this game.

  • Tom's Take: Encouraging Performance

    The oldtimers tell you that your horse doesn't win the Kentucky Derby at the eighth pole (the final 1/8th of a mile of the race). Usually, the winning move comes on the final turn as the horse positions itself for a strong finish. And perhaps that's what the Kentucky Wildcats did in the past week. Kentucky built a big lead against South Carolina and kept it, so that was progress.

    This is right, I think.  If Kentucky can finish strong, a top 4 seed is a very good possibility.  A 3 is probably unlikely unless UK runs the table and gets to the SEC championship game.