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Kentucky Wildcats (18) 77 @ Vanderbilt Commodores (23) 81: Postmortem


Congratulations to the Vanderbilt Commodores for an outstanding victory.  John Jenkins was unstoppable, and I didn't believe he could come close to scoring 30 points on DeAndre Liggins.  It really wouldn't have mattered who was guarding him today, though, he was simply beyond any level of defense, and he and his teammates hand Kentucky their third straight road loss and fifth road loss of the year in the SEC.

At this moment, I am simply dismayed and exasperated to the point of abject despondency.  Once again, Kentucky didn't play badly, and arguably played very well defensively. Once again the opponent elevated their game to previously unknown levels, and once again, Kentucky got nipped at the wire.

This is an incomprehensible year, one that I cannot remember the like of, ever, and hope I don't live long enough to see again.  If Vandy had been clearly superior to Kentucky I would feel better -- those kinds of things happen.  If Kentucky had just laid down, I would feel better.  But I have had my limit of close, hard-fought games that we manage to lose on one or two plays.  Coherence eludes me utterly, hence this commentary will be short.

I have now typed and deleted six paragraphs in a row, and have been reduced to the blogging equivalent of sputtering inanity.  The first sentence of this paragraph took me two minutes to write successfully.  I am flabbergasted and absolutely outraged with nothing to do about it, and the futility of that feeling is driving it higher with each passing moment.  But alas, there is nothing to ameliorate it.

Later on, after I have recovered my sanity from wherever it has fled, I'll come back with something rational.  Right now, that seems impossible.