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College Football Top 25: Final Regular Season Blogpoll Ballot

End of regular season blogpoll
End of regular season blogpoll

The 2011 season is getting long in the tooth now, and there are not many more ballots to be cast (maybe one more, or so I suppose), so here is my final whack at the top 25 now that the regular season is officially over.

There were a lot of positional changes this week due to some huge games. Just as in the other polls for the BCS, the Oklahoma St. Cowboys did not quite eclipse Alabama. How close were they? 22/100ths of a point (0.22) of of a total of 100 points. They almost got there. Of course, I don't get a say in the BCS rankings and that's a darn good thing, too.

Anyway, the biggest movers on my ballot, which I prepared but did not get to submit last week, were South Carolina with their big defeat of Clemson, Clemson with their come-back defeat of top 5 Virginia Tech, and the aforementioned Hokies in a negative direction. Houston was the biggest negative drop from #9 to #20 after getting beat by Southern Miss. Oklahoma also crashed, down 9 after their devastating loss to Oklahoma State.

Here is my ballot:

Your comments are welcome and encouraged. If I have something grossly wrong, I want to fix it.