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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Monday Afternoon Edition

Separated shoulders are for sissies.
Separated shoulders are for sissies.

Well, here we are with very little to talk about basketball-wise for the next couple of days until the IU game gets a bit closer. But there is plenty of news to discuss, including but not limited to the BCS championship game, the Harris Poll that lead to it, funny doings at Syracuse football, and other general stuff.

First, though, I want to bring your attention to an article by Andrew Sharp at the mothership. Andrew is a UNC fan and a great writer that doesn't need to beat up on the opponent to enjoy college basketball. You may remember him from a couple of years ago when he wrote about a visit to Rupp Arena for a UK game.

This time, Andrew attended the UK-UNC classic on Saturday, and reliving that event through his eyes is a fascinating and enjoyable trip. Andrew has a knack for writing visually, and I could almost see and feel some of the things that he described in his piece. I recommend you take a few minutes and read the whole thing.

Now, for the rest of the news


Big East Wins 2011 Big East/SEC Challenge 8-4 - Big East Coast Bias

Notebook: Kidd-Gilchrist shakes off nerves, turns in 'unbelievable' performance -

Kidd-Gilchrist hurt his shoulder midway through the second half on a strip underneath the hoop. He left the floor momentarily but eventually returned to help close out the victory over the fifth-ranked Tar Heels.

"It popped out of place," Kidd-Gilchrist said. "Then it just popped back in. I popped it in myself. It was very painful for me because, well, to anybody it’s painful. When I was going for the shot he just grabbed my arm."

Wow. So he dislocated his shoulder, popped it back in and went back into the game?

Pretty manly, Michael.

Wildcats Thunder Blog: UK's Hoops A'dia Mathies named SEC Women's Freshman Of The Week

Well deserved

Harvard in AP poll for 1st time - NCAA Basketball -

Anyone who saw Harvard play last year cannot be surprised

Ex-UK cheerleader now living in Florida still all in for the Big Blue, and making sure her children are, too - vaughtsviews

NCAA Basketball Rankings: Kentucky Stays On Top In Both Polls, Harvard Earns First National Ranking -

Poll Thoughts: Duke, UNC hold steady - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

For another example of this, see Louisville's No. 4 ranking, which it earned after a home OT win over a shaky Vanderbilt team that dropped out of the Top 25 this week. Even the most ardent Cardinals fan would have to admit that his or her team -- which is still not at full strength thanks to injuries -- is probably not better than UNC or Duke. (It may well get there by the end of the year, though.

Louisville has not left the Yum! center but once this year -- to play Butler, a team that is a shadow of its former self.

Fennelly: Don't like all-SEC title game? Gee, sorry -

Alabama and LSU are the two best teams in college football, with defenses that could be drafted straight into the NFL, the entire units, I mean. Raheem Morris would draft either of them, straight up, right now.


Jones named SEC Player of the Week -

Awesome. He deserves it.

Fixing the System: Not a Playoff Model. - Bring On The Cats

Some good points made here. The voting model is a problem.

Anthony Davis has NEXT - Kentucky Wildcats

Cards Move Into The Top Five In Both Polls - Card Chronicle

Why do I think this is mock-worthy? Could it be because the best game the Cardinals have on their resume is a 2-point overtime victory over Vanderblt at home without one of their best players?

BGTD: Assessing Kentucky vs. North Carolina - Rush The Court

Paul Jordan has started a football mania group

Just in case you're interested

I'll bet the conspiracy theories are everywhere.

OMG, Pete Thamel! You missed one!

Pat Summitt, Coach K Sportswoman/man of the Year -

Not that either are unworthy, but does the timing of this smell ever so slightly of opportunism by SI?

Jon Rothstein Files: Monday Morning College Hoops Notebook; Xavier Looks Strong - CBS New York