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North Carolina Tar Heels (5) 72 @ Kentucky Wildcats (1) 73: Celebration Open Thread

Celebration time, Big Blue Nation!
Celebration time, Big Blue Nation!

Normally, this is the spot for the postmortem, but this game deserves a much more detailed effort than I can generate in a reasonable time. Not only that, I have a little celebrating to do myself, so the actual postmortem analysis will happen later today.

I do want to say that the North Carolina Tar Heels were just as impressive as I knew they would be, and they gave a great effort on both sides of the ball. They are worthy opponents and rivals, and we thank them for coming in to hostile territory and giving us their best, with class and skill. They could have as easily won this game as lost it.

Okay, Wildcats fans, that's enough. Let's enjoy this tremendous victory and pour out a libation to our worthy foes. This blog will be rocking like a hurricane for a while, and I encourage you all to enjoy yourselves and remember that the team we just beat is one of the great programs in all of college basketball, and deserves our utmost respect.