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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Pre-North Carolina Edition

As we sit around waiting for the North Carolina Tar Heels @ Kentucky Wildcats game to begin, I rounded up a few links for your morning reading pleasure. Today's linkapalooza will all be listed after the jump, so that we can keep as many front page articles visible as possible.

Call the Kentucky-North Carolina game a lottery ticket for eager NBA scouts - The Courier-Journal

"It’s the first NBA game of the season as far as I’m concerned," [ESPN NBA Analyst Chad] Ford said. "There are two teams filled with NBA prospects, guys who would get on the floor and play immediate minutes right now for NBA teams if they were eligible. So I’m super excited."

Aren't we all?

Kentucky, UNC series may end - North Carolina -

"It is one of the great series and one of the great games and for so many years it was CBS' first game - first college basketball game of the year," Williams said. "And now nobody knows what's (on) CBS, what's (on) ESPN, what's (on) FOX.

I will never forgive the athletics department if they let this series end.

Ready or not, young Kentucky team faces big-game test - Lexington Herald-Leader

"I'm not going to sit here and say, 'We're taking it one game at a time,' which is the classic answer," Marshall said. "And which we are doing. But at the same time, being the prideful player you are, and that competitive nature, you're going to want to get that get-back when you go up against them again."

In the context of the season, this game may not mean much. At the same time, it means a lot. Curious dichotomy, perhaps, but it doesn't change anything. It's the game of the year so far.

Pitino's Cards aren't worthy of No. 6 spot - yet -

For once, I agree with Goodman

No. 1 Kentucky, No. 5 UNC both want to run

"I really believe they could save some power in Rupp Arena and not even have the shot clock this weekend," the coach [Roy Williams] said. "Kentucky wants to run. We want to run."

College Hoops Saturday: Your Commentary -

he game that many college basketball fans have been anticipating for quite some time is finally here, as #5 North Carolina (6-1) visits #1 Kentucky (7-0) in Lexington. While both teams are coming off of wins in their last games, the way in which the results were achieved differ greatly. North Carolina had to deal with the challenge of play Wisconsin, given the Badgers' preference for a slow tempo, while Kentucky blew out a St. John's team that was severely overmatched from a depth standpoint. The Tar Heels will provide a far stiffer challenge for a Kentucky team that set a school record on Thursday night with an astonishing 18 blocked shots, and freshman phenom Anthony Davis (13.0 ppg, 9.1 rpg, 4.9 bpg) led the way with nine blocks.

Tom Leach -- Wildcat Links

North Carolina Basketball takes on Kentucky at Rupp Arena

Anyone that follows college basketball knows that this game is going to show plenty of players that not only are great at this level but will be great at the next level as well. NBA Draft analyst Chad Ford posted on his Twitter that the game features six projected lottery picks, nine players in ESPN’s top 30 and 12 players in its top 100 draft prospects.

Georgia Bulldogs could leave their mark

Florida Vs. Syracuse Recap: Gators Fall In Carrier Dome, 72-68 - Alligator Army

Florida's not quite elite, and that's why these Gators haven't beaten the two elite teams they have played so far. They can demonstrate some of the resilience and adaptability that makes elite teams so great by running the table for the rest of their non-conference slate, against teams that lack their talent.

Vanderbilt Collapses Down the Stretch, Loses Overtime Heartbreaker to Xavier 82-70 - Anchor Of Gold

Vandy looked really bad at times, but the Cardinals often looked worse. The Birds found a way to win, though.

No hype needed: Fans, NBA scouts 'can't wait' for Kentucky-North Carolina - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News