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Kentucky Wildcat Basketball: Rookies in the NBA

Here is an update on last year's Cats and how each is doing in the NBA. Two games isn't much of a sample, but it is good to see that our guys have all landed on their feet.

Brandon Knight, Detroit Pistons- After a dynamite 10-13 shooting performance that landed him a prominent spot on Sportscenter last night, Bradon is averaging 16 per and is the Pistons' second leading scorer after two games. Knight is backing up Rodney Stuckeyat the point, but is getting at both guard spots. Stucky and SG Ben Gordon are both proven players in the league, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Knight take his share of minutes or a starting spot by year's end. Knight isn't

Josh Harrellson, New York Knicks- Jorts has found his way into the rotation for the Knicks, clocking 9 minutes in a tight Christmas Day win and four more last night in a bad loss to the Warriors. Josh contributed a couple of rebounds, an assist and a steal in the opener, though he has yet to score. It appears Harrellson will compete with Jerome Jordan for minutes backing up Tyson Chandler. Barring a blockbuster trade of some sort, Josh's roster spot appears safely in hand. If you are up late, the Knicks take on the Lakeshow on TNT tonight at 10:30 EST.

Enes Kanter, Utah Jazz- I haven't had a chance to see him play, but word is that Kanter is showing rust from a year of not playing competitive basketball. In two games, he is 2-12 from the field, but has pulled 16 rebounds in only thirty five minutes of play. Kanter will get plenty of chances to develop on what is likely to be a god awful team. If nothing else, it will be interesting to see how his NBA play might change the narrative about "what might have been" for last year's UK team.

DeAndre Liggins, Orlando Magic- DeAndre has made the Magic roster, but has been inactive for each of its first two games. NBA teams can (but are not required to) have as many as 15 players on the roster. Only 13 are active for each game. As expected, Liggins is building a reputation for tenacity. Daniel Orton is also on the roster for the Magic and, like Liggins, has been inactive for both games. Of course, Orton is in a very different boat in that his money is guaranteed. Liggins can be waived at any point before February 10 and have no further guaranteed salary. Still, as a second round pick, Liggins has already beaten some odds by making the team. It sounds like he has made a good impression. Hopefully he can stick on the roster this year and eventually earn some playing time.