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Wishes of a Silent Night to the Big Blue Nation


Aurora Borealis, the colored lights seen in the skies around the North Pole (via Beverly & Pack)

All of us at A Sea of Blue wish all of you in the Big Blue Nation, and our readers everywhere, a joyous and peaceful Christmas Eve.

As we all wait for Santa to fill our stockings, let us not forget those who are less fortunate than us -- those who are ill or whose hearts are heavy with loss or care, those who struggle to survive in poverty and strife, or suffer at the hands of the cruel and selfish. May the blessings of the season find them, and lighten their burdens.

Let us especially remember those who take up arms and walk the bitter watches of the night in foreign lands to keep us and our way of life safe and secure, and who are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, if needs be, in defense of our freedom. May the peace of the season find them all, and our wishes for a happy Christmas touch their hearts. Words alone cannot express our thanks properly -- the undying and heartfelt gratitude of a grateful nation.

This, and every Christmas celebration, remind us of how fortunate most of us are to live as we do. As those of us who are Christian celebrate the birth of Christ, and those who are not join us in annual celebrations coincident to Christmas, may each and every one of you find yourselves, your kith and kin, and whatever season you join us in celebrating, blessed.

Treat this as an open thread to share your blessings, talk about Kentucky, or just celebrate the season. I'll be back tomorrow. Merry Christmas to all!