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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Christmas Eve Eve Edition

Just hanging out waiting for the holidays? Frustrated from last minute Christmas shopping? Still trying to get the tree completely up and fix those damn lights?

Take a break and read some sports news.

SEC: Stokes to Vols adds to a winning week for league - John Clay's Sidelines

What’s plaguing Memphis? - Beyond the Arc

The Tigers are as talented as any team in the country. On paper, they are a top ten team. But there is a reason this group is sitting just a game over .500 heading into the Christmas break, the second straight season they have have stumbled out of the starting blocks.

Actually, I think style of play is an issue. Pastner doesn't seem to have figured out that chaotic, AAU-style basketball is not likely to win on the college level. I blame the coach more than the player for this one.

Wiltjer’s play/shooting more typical of what father says he can do - vaughtsviews

"Kyle being challenged now on his defense and rebounding will only make him a better player. The reason he was recruited was because he is a big kid who had skills and shoots the ball. What’s happening now is he is being challenged to be more of a big and bang and rebound. That’s never been the number one part of his game. If he gets that and continues to keep the skills he has offensively, he can be a great player."

Kentucky Sports Radio - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s Friday News and Views

If you missed it below, 2012 SG Torian Grahm decommited from NC State on Thursday. Grahm is ranked the 11th best shooting guard by and was once one of Cal’s targets in the class. His decommitment isn’t reason to break out the bubbly just yet, but it should be an interesting story to follow over over the next few weeks.

Scholarship issue a very sensitive one at UConn -

The hazy details of this story still float out there. It was originally reported that Drummond got the scholarship. Calhoun, Drummond and everyone else accepted those reports and responded accordingly, despite the fact all the time Bradley and Drummond were technically of walk-on status. When Bradley took the scholarship in late October, no one surrounding the program made any effort to clarify the situation. It’s a positive thing — why not put it out there? The Huskies and Calhoun were lambasted for how this originally came about.

When Drummond and the school did the smart, sensible thing, they kept quiet. What a strange thing to do.

Strange. And to me, downright suspicious. I suspect some hanky-panky here.

Long Beach St. 68, No. 14 Xavier 58 - College Basketball News - FOX Sports on MSN

Ouch. The incident in Cincinnati seems to have derailed the Musketeers, at least for now.

Missouri State vs. West Virginia - Recap -

Boise State hammers Arizona State in Vegas Bowl behind big nights from Martin, Moore - One Bronco Nation Under God

Boise State joining the Big East will really change their future bowl prospects, most likely. I'd get used to seeing them in BCS bowls if the Big East can keep their automatic bowl bid after all the chaos.

Jarnell Stokes commits to Tennessee - Rocky Top Talk

How soon could he play? We shouldn't kid ourselves here - though one player can make a huge difference in basketball, it might not be realistic to think of Stokes coming in brand new in January and becoming an instant impact player with this team. It's not at all out of the realm of possibilities for the Vols to redshirt him. He's also incredibly similar to Jeronne Maymon (Mike Griffith earlier today called him "Maymon with a jumper"), and if neither can play the five, it would fundamentally change UT's team to put Maymon, Stokes, and Hall on the floor at the same time. Could Stokes start/finish the year as Maymon's backup? Sure. But whether he plays a bunch of minutes or just redshirts this season, Stokes brings instant impact to the Tennessee program.

This really does make Tennessee a lot better, but I'm not sure when.

Christmas Comes Early For USC - Building The Dam

Texas Again Tops Forbes' College Football Money List -

Who is Kentucky basketball’s pre-Christmas MVP? - John Clay's Sidelines

That's easy for me. MKG. Hey, that rhymes!

Wakeup Call: For kids from 1 to 92 ... -