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Chuck Hayes Cleared to Play, Signs Deal in Sacramento For 1.1 Million Dollars More than Previously

After being diagnosed by Sacramento Kings team doctors with a heart problem that caused the Kings to void his 4-year, $21.3 million dollar contract, Chuck Hayes went to the Cleveland Clinic, one of the most renowned medical facilities in the nation -- right up there with Mayo and Johns Hopkins -- who found he had no heart problem after all, and was fully cleared by the doctors there to play unrestricted professional sports.

This obviously makes one wonder about the competency of the Sacramento medical staff. From Sactown Royalty, the SB Nation Sacramento Kings blog:

Even if that happens, why the Hades did the Kings void the contract without seeking more opinions? We don't know who exactly looked at Hayes -- the team doctors surely did the initial physical, but there's a possibility that Chuck went to additional doctors. But it took Hayes' agent three days to find a reputable, renowned unit to clear Chuck. The Kings spent five days and couldn't do it to their satisfaction.

Indeed, this is just plain weird. Theoretically, the Kings wanted Hayes to play after picking him up as a free agent. I can't for the life of me figure out why they didn't get several other opinions before voiding his contract, it just seems inexplicable to me.

The good news is, it worked out fine for Chuck -- he will apparently sign with the Kings again for about $1.1 million more than previously. I guess it was worth going through another stress test and echo cardiogram for that kind of dough. Still you have to wonder just exactly what the heck is going on in Sacramento.

So now, Hayes will get to play with former Wildcat and Kings draft choice DeMarcus Cousins. Chuck and Boogie together on the same team. Somebody just needs to tell Cousins to look the other way when Chuck shoots free throws lest he get infected with the incurable Shaquille O'Neal virus that Chuck apparently caught right after he left UK.

As an aside, I was in Rupp Arena for Chuck Hayes senior day, and it was one of the most moving events of my life. He is among my favorite players ever to don the Blue and White, and it is a nice Christmas gift to us all that he is okay and ready to return to action.