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Kentucky Wildcats Basketall: Nerlens Noel and Other Quick Hitters

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The video below is 2013 star and UK recruit Nerlens Noel's teammates talking about where Noel might wind up. UK fans will enjoy this one quite a bit. Hat Tip: Five Star Recruiting:


The big question circulating around the Big Blue Nation right now is, "Who are the Breakfast Club?"

No, not the original Breakfast Club of Emilio Estevez, Paul Gleason, Anthony Michael Hall, John Kapelos, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy, but the UK Breakfast Club of early risers and exercisers patterned after something Michael Jordan reportedly did when he was with the Chicago Bulls in the late 1990's consisting of Jordan, Ron Harper and Scottie Pippen. According to John Calipari, some of UK's players have formed their own "Breakfast Club," but Coach Cal won't say who they are.

I have tried to speculate, but cannot. The only players I feel confident are there are Darius Miller and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. Jones showed great discipline in getting his body in shape over the summer, so it's hard to think he wouldn't be there. Feel free to speculate away.


There has been a bit of a kerfuffle brewing around the Big Blue Nation due to a comment made by Calipari the other day about him not looking at his own website. Coach Cal responded, ironically, on his website,, and I found this particularly funny:

I’m sure a reporter or blogger doesn’t go back and read their own posts/stories either. Or do they??? I could be wrong.

We do, coach. Mostly for grammar or other errors that our "editors" often find that we overlook, but we all do it. But it's okay if you don't -- you have a team to coach.


The plans for the renovated Rupp Arena emerged over the weekend, and man, does it look spectacular. This isn't so much a renovation as a complete re-design of the exterior that takes it from something of a nondescript block of brick and mortar to an architectural wonder. Not only that, so far nobody has proposed changing the name to Kentucky Coal Arena or Taco Bell Chalupa Arena.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, KFC Yum! Center.


Remember Kyrie Irving's Toe? Now it's Terrence Jones' Finger. In any case, Jones looks questionable for tonight, at least to start. He may test it to see how it goes, who knows. Hopefully, it won't matter against Samford.


LSU defeats Marquette at the Pete Maravich Center, 67-59. As I mentioned earlier, a victory in that game is a warning that LSU might have turned a corner after two dismal seasons in a row.

Also, Kansas got upset by Davidson last night in the Sprint Center (semi-home). Kansas had been rolling along pretty well, having only losses to ranked teams until last night.


Ken had a great piece yesterday on Chane Behanan's guarantee of an undefeated season, and implicit guarantee of a victory over Kentucky. Searching For Billy Edelin also had some fun with that, and I thought their cerebral approach was also funny:

His real slip up, however, was incorrectly using the transitive property of equality: "If we beat Vanderbilt (unranked; 6-4 overall; 1-4 vs the current RPI top 50), and Memphis (also unranked, 5-4 overall, with an uncanny ability to take the worst possible shot on multiple possessions), then I'd say we're the number one team in the country," Behanan declared.

I'm no math guy, but beating two unranked teams going in the wrong direction at home shouldn't yield any first place votes from poll voters.

Hard to disagree with that. All I'll say is that, notwithstanding the Kentucky game, going undefeated in the Big East this year is going to be an imposing task -- in the same sort of sense that climbing Mount Everest naked while blindfolded would be an imposing task.