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Kentucky Basketball: ODU Coach -- Kentucky isn't a great defensive team

Apparently, Old Dominion Monarchs coach Blaine Taylor isn't all that impressed with Kentucky, according to this article by Andy Katz (Hat tip: Kentucky Sports Radio):

"[Anthony] Davis is dang long. He can pick your pocket from across the street. He's not as long as Henson but he's that kind of guy around the basket."

As it turns out, John Henson and Anthony Davis are both about the same length, with 7'4" wingspans and 6'10-11". Care to try again, coach? I see you do:

Taylor said that Kentucky isn't a great defensive team.

Really? Coach, would it surprise you to learn that the Wildcats are the #1 defensive team in the nation according to Ken Pomeroy and Just askin'. Finally:

"[Terrence] Jones is a bit of a prima donna."

Ah, finally one you got a little bit right. Fair criticism, that. Jones has been a bit of a prima donna at times this year with his posing, bowing, and prancing after a big play. With that said, you are batting 33.3%, and that's not particularly good even as a shooting percentage from the three point line. But it is 6 percentage points better than your own team has been able to shoot from the arc so far this year (27%, 303rd in the nation).

A polite suggestion, coach Taylor. Perhaps if you could focus on the deficiencies of your own team, they might be able to win games versus the Vermont Catamounts (RPI #134) as well as giving minor problems to Kentucky. At minimum, you should really get your facts right before offering criticism, or "analysis," as I'm sure you'd characterize it.