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Ken on Tom Leach's show

I had the great pleasure of appearing on Tom Leach's radio program yesterday morning. To listen to my 10 minutes segment, go here, and click on "December 16 'Leach Report' show." I'm on at about the 12 minute mark.

Funny story related to my appearance -- For the first time since the second week of school my 8-year old daughter Alex missed the bus. I would have walked her to school but it was raining, so instead I went to get the keys to the car, but found they weren't where they were supposed to be ... I had left them in my wife's purse, and she was at work in Bowling Green 22 miles away, unable to leave. Thankfully, my brother-in-law came from Bowling Green to give us a ride (and to take me to pay my water bill). I was scheduled to go on Leach's show at 8:12 CST. My brother-in-law arrived at my house at 8:11.

At 8:12 I got the call from the show's producer, Shannon, so in a real display of multi-tasking, I paid my water bill and signed by daughter into school, all the while talking to Leach about the 'Cats.