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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Chatanooga Mocs Edition

Tomorrow night, the Kentucky Wildcats welcome the Chattanooga Mocs to Rupp Arena for an evening of basketball excitement. It will be interesting to see how this UK team recovers from their first loss of the season.


On to the soft spot in the Kentucky basketball schedule - John Clay's Sidelines

Saturday’s opponent, Chattanooga (Dec. 20) is actually 3-7, but two of the Mocs’ wins have been over teams not in Division I. One was Warren Wilson University, the other was Spalding. Chattanooga’s lone win over a Division I school came against Savannah State on Nov. 25. The Mocs lost to Indiana in their opener, 78-53.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s versatility, non-stop motor impressing everyone - vaughtsviews

"He is a better ballhandler than I thought he would be," Pratt said. "Defensively, he can guard five spots, and that’s a real plus. He struggles without his outside shot, but he can develop that. His ability to run the floor, ability to handle the ball and his super defensive skills make him a very, very special player."

I could not agree more. Kidd-Gilcrhist has really surprised me with his amazing intensity and desire to win. This is a kid that hates, and I mean hates to lose.

This year's Kentucky team has so many passive personalities, like Darius Miller, Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones and Kyle Wiltjer that we need more of that killer instinct, that refuse-to-lose attitude. Eventually, that will rub off on the other guys.

Have we been too hard on Terrence Jones? - John Clay's Sidelines

I have not been, I don't think. Have you?

Tom Leach's Friday Wildcats links.

Ira Combs' weekly column.

Anybody out there think Coach Cal still has concerns after the Indiana loss on this too many early season big game scenarios for freshman to deal with controversy that he has spread thru his twitter account the last few days ?

Yes , he probably does but he should have known what he signed up for , now in his most glorious days as the leader of the Kingdom of Blue is not the time to start wiggling on longtime traditions that the program was built on .

Personally , I think the whole scheduling controversy Cal has created is about two things :

# 1 - Possibly having to beat a long time close friend of the coaching fraternity , ( Tom Crean & Roy Williams) .
# 2 - The possibility of losing to a guy that you once was jealous of and now you've grown to hate for various reasons that can't be accurately validated ( Rick Pitino ) .

In my eyes that's making decisions concerning your team and school based on personal reasons instead of just about Kentucky basketball .

This. Kentucky's schedule should not be about the coach. Like Ira, I think there is evidence that it is a major factor, and I don't like it.

Lapses give Jones much room to grow

"This isn’t his first instance," said Will Perdue, who played 13 years in the NBA. "I assume Cal has told him this: Unfortunately, all these scouts are at these games trying to determine what he can’t do, rather than what he can do.

"You can honestly say that — right now, as of today — he made a mistake not going in the draft last year."

That's an interesting take. Not sure I agree, but he is in a position to know.

As an aside, I saw Will Purdue in the airport when I went to pick up my wife the other week. Man, that guy is tall. It's one thing to see a 7' guy on TV, and totally another to have one walk right by you.

Patrick Towles named Mr. Football - Jody Demling

I tweeted this out yesterday. Congrats to Patrick. I think he will be wildly successful at UK.

Mid-Season Q&A Session -- College Courtside.

Some good stuff in here.

Did Terrence Jones’ IU nightmare hurt his NBA stock? | Kyle Tucker – UK Beat

"Just so we’re clear, I haven’t had a single scout question me about his ability, about his basketball knowledge. I’ve just had scouts say, ‘How many times have you seen him play? And how many times has he had these instances where he’s just kind of disappeared for a while?’ Some of them are just questioning his aggressiveness and his mental toughness.

Jones can put most of these questions to bed by year's end if he will. It is not impossible, nor would it be the first time, that a player has hurt his draft stock by coming back.

Smith is Louisville’s great unknown — in a (mostly) good way - Beyond the Arc

Just so you don't forget that Louisville is just around the bend.

Chuck Hayes to Have Medical Tests After "Abnormality" Found

Uh oh. I hope this doesn't impact his career.

Kentucky Sports Radio - Khem Birch leaving Pitt? Possibly for Kentucky?

I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you. But you never know.

Wildcats Thunder Blog: 2012 UK recruit Poythress on the High School Naismith Watch List

Congrats to Alex. I can't wait to see him in Blue and White.

Forgiving Frease on Gates’ actions: ‘People make mistakes’ - Beyond the Arc

The laudable conduct by Frease just makes Gates look worse by comparison. Gates should have gone over to Xavier's campus and apologized in person to Frease, not sent text messages. But I guess it's better than nothing. Only a little better, though.

Kentucky’s games at Rupp have increased last few years - John Clay's Sidelines

And yet some are whining about the schedule, and the rivalries? That seems dichotomous to me.

Khem Birch Not Transferring? #SteppingOffLedge - Cardiac Hill

Well, as I said, don't get your hopes up.

South Carolina Responds to NCAA LOI, Self-Imposes Penalties - Garnet And Black Attack

Hmm. Seems a little on the light side to me. Does repeat violator status mean nothing?

NCAA Stipend Hold-Up Highlights Pay-for-Play Pitfalls - Roll 'Bama Roll

The much-ballyhooed proposed NCAA stipend of $2,000 toward the full cost of attendance looks to be dead on arrival. The cause of death? You guessed it: Money, or more appropriately stated the lack thereof for many athletic departments.

Is anyone besides me not surprised? Camel's nose under the tent, huh? Yeah, right.

Penn State In On Georgia's Mark Richt? - Off Tackle Empire

Well, now thats interesting. Not very likely, in my view, but you never know. I wonder what Georgia fans think of this rumor?

Mike Leach Lays Into Craig James On The Scott Van Pelt Show - CougCenter

Because you can never have too much abuse of Craig James.

Tiger Woods Will Serve as Honorary Captain at Fiesta Bowl - Rule Of Tree

Hide your daughters. I hear call girls around the country are paying top dollar for Fiesta Bowl tickets on Ebay.

Your Tim Tebow Roundup For The Day - From Our Editors -

Because we can never get too much of Tim Tebow.