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Jeff Goodman, Lunatic

Well, if I've gotta be a "lunatic" according to CBS Sports' Jeff Goodman, I guess he can be a lunatic according to me. Fair is fair.

In his most recent "Good and Plenty" column, Goodman decides, for whatever reason, to take a few whacks at Kentucky. Not that I mind all that much, I've never cared for Goodman even if I did drop the "loathsome troll" moniker for him a while back, mostly owing to his more balanced persona since winding up at CBS. But today, for whatever reason, he reverts to form:

One-and-done: Winners and losers

It sounded like a foregone conclusion that the NBA would change its one-and-done rule in which players are, for the most part, limited to going to college.

That didn't happen -- at least for the time being. The rule will remain in place and we'll look at some of the winners and losers because kids won't be allowed to go directly to the NBA from high school next year.


Anthony Davis -- Instead of potentially being forced to return to Kentucky for a sophomore season, the long and talented frosh (and likely the No. 1 pick in June's NBA Draft) will be able to head to the league after this season.



Kentucky lunatics -- If the rule had changed, the Wildcats may have been able to keep Anthony Davis, Michael Gilchrist or even Marquis Teague in Lexington for another year. Now that appears unlikely.

Okay, where did that come from? Seriously, the UK lunacy, such as it is, has been really at a surprisingly low level since this season began. In fact, on the lunacy meter as far as UK goes, this has got to be one of the most forgettable years ever so far. So what, just trolling for hits there, Jeff? Throw in a something like that out there and get us all to link your article?

Not only that, Jeff seems to think the one-and-done conversation was more about lowering the age requirement to high school, not raising it to two years. Take a gander at his comment about Shabazz Muhammad under "winners:"

Shabazz Muhammad -- He's the No. 1 player in the Class of 2012 and while he's not quite ready for the NBA, he would have been a first-rounder, maybe even a lottery pick. Now the strong, athletic scoring wing will likely have to head to college for a year -- which honestly isn't such a bad thing for Muhammad.

Need a GPS to find a clue, do ya, Jeff? Here's a hint -- the NBA isn't seriously talking about reducing the age limit, it's talking about raising it. Capiche?

Well, I'll tell you what, Jeff, you lunatic -- I'm going to force all these lunatics here in Kentucky to go hunt on Google for your bilge. In fact, I'm going to chuck you into a dungeon occupied only by the risible Kent Sterling -- the Pit of the Unlinkables. That's right, I'm not going to link you, just credit you as required by law.

So how did that link-bait plan work out for you, huh?

Oh, and hey, Terrence Jones -- Goodman loves you, too! Well, not so much, really:

One reporter who covers Kentucky far more than me called Jones a "head case."

NBA scouts are divided on Jones, largely due to his inconsistency and also his body language on the court. Some I've spoke to love him and would take him in the top half of the lottery while others are terrified of taking him.

I think he's making all this up.

There. I feel better. I needed a good rant against the media machine.