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Big Blue Nation Linkapalooza: Indiana Aftermath Edition

The loss to the Indiana Hoosiers is still topic #1 among the Big Blue Nation, but there is also the violence between the Xavier Musketeers and the Cincinnati Bearcats during their rivalry game on Saturday that is dominating the national sports conversation.


The Assembly Hall Experience: My First Trip to Bloomington

This is a really great piece by Anthony Wireman than every Kentucky fan should read. He went to the game in Bloomington as part of the media entourage, and has an insider's view on the crowd and how the game went

There is a lot of stuff in here about fan misbehavior, and I'm sorry to see that. Indiana really does need to clean that stuff up, it isn't worthy of their great program. Act like you've been there before, Hoosier fans. You have, five times. Remember?

I prefer to think of it as getting out the bad blood that has built up there over the last three years, and if so, that's understandable. It was a great college atmosphere that would have been made even greater by the most modest of efforts toward civility. I know this isn't the way of the overwhelming majority of fans, and yes, incidents happen at every arena including Rupp. That doesn't mean we should not speak of it when it does happen.

Tom Leach's Wildcat Links for Tuesday.

UK wants campus improvements before Rupp Arena upgrade.

I applaud UK for taking this position. I also understand why Mayor Gray thinks the arena upgrade is more important. I applaud them both for sticking to their guns.

For my money, I'd like to see the University's priorities addressed first. Rupp Arena is still a fine venue, and money is scarce right now. It won't always be that way.

Everything Kentucky: Late Monday Night Kentucky Wildcats Video to Make you Smile : Darius Miller Dunk

Definitely worth a re-watch.

Sean, what the hell is this?


You know, Sean Miller, a lot of people respect you. Have you never heard the old saying, "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt?" You may not have removed all doubt, but this comment was very, very foolish.. And for the record, this does not make it go away.

The Poll Attacks -

To leave Xavier off the ballot, ostensibly because of the brawl this weekend, speaks volumes about the AP voter that did it. And it doesn't speak well of him.

John Clay's Big Blue Links

Ohio prosecutor mulls charges for in-game fight - NBC Sports

Appropriate, I think. Sometimes tearful apologies are simply insufficient.

The Morning After Recap: Tuesday, December 13 - Searching for Billy Edelin

Classic stuff. Bilas' tweets are priceless

Morning Five: 12.13.11 Edition - Rush The Court

Don't try to grasp Tebow mania, just jump on board and enjoy the ride - NFL - Football News, Scores, Stats, Schedule and Standings

I mean, look. It's one thing to like this Tebow story so much that we like him too much. That's possible, and I'm not going to dispute it. The Broncos' defense is keeping that team in every single game. Other players are doing special things, most notably Matt Prater on Sunday with those two monster kicks.

But let us enjoy the ride, huh? And again, you know who you are. You know how some Christians put the sign of the fish on their car? You're the guy with the bumper sticker showing a four-legged sea creature eating the Jesus fish, or maybe just showing a four-legged fish whose body encloses the word "Darwin."


Two different takes on the UC-Xavier punishments

I asked the question on twitter Sunday and I’ll ask it again: What if a regular student, representing the University of Cincinnati or Xavier University, and become involved in a fight and punched someone out at a function? What would happen to that student?

There is a terrible double standard here, driven by money. It’s always about money. And it’s hard not to believe that Cincinnati and Xavier’s lenient actions aren’t driven by the pursuit of the all-mighty dollar.

I think John Clay gets this exactly right. We hear tough rhetoric all the time, but when we see technical violations like a $50 meal costing a player half a season, or a lie to the NCAA costing him a whole season of eligibility, while crimes like the one committed by Yancy Gates et. al. get punished only with a slap on the wrist, how equitable are we? Where do our priorities actually lie?

Is an improper benefit really worse than a fistfight that could have resulted in major injury or even, God forbid, the death of a player or fan? That's the message we're sending, and it's a message in need of major revision.

2011-2012 SEC Bowl Previews

A cool take on the upcoming bowl games.