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The Rivalry: Episode One -- Kentucky Wildcats vs. Louisville Cardinals

Via who else?  Mike at Card Chronicle.

This particular production is a little Louisville-heavy for me, but it is a Louisville station doing the production (WHAS 11). It is a great sin to include the first game, but exclude the Rex Chapman game. Of course, that's just my partisan opinion.

Still, all in all it's a very nice production.  Some of the old footage of Joe B. Hall refusing to talk about Louisville and Rick Pitino talking about how fast he thought he could turn Kentucky around made me smile, and even more so when he was proven right about that.

It sure is a strange sequence of events that got us where we are right now, and the amazing amount of intertwined fates that have brought us to the present.  This year, Kentucky and Louisville will play for the 30th time since the series was officially resumed after the 1983 Regional Final in Knoxville, and it promises to be a beauty if both teams manage to come in healthy.

Despite their protestations to the contrary, Cardinal fans took note of the Morehouse game the other day, and more than a few of them expressed concern.  That's the one good thing about a game like that is that it can cause some soul-searching and hand-wringing among your main rival.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed it, I assume there will be more.