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Morehouse College @ Kentucky Wildcats: Exhibition Game Preview

Tonight, Kentucky plays their second and final exhibition opponent in Morehouse College.  Morehouse is a much quicker and more athletic opponent than the Transylvania Pioneers, and they have some very dangerous players on their roster.  But as is typical of Division II schools, they are vastly out-sized and out-talented by Kentucky at most positions.

Some quick Morehouse College facts:

Morehouse College
Founded 1867
Location Atlanta, Ga.
Enrollment 2800
NCAA Classification Division II
Conference Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Confrerence
Nickname Maroon Tigers
2011-12 Pre-season 5th in SIAC
Coach Grady Brewer, 12th season
Coaching record 170-138
Record last year 14-14 overall, 13-11 in SIAC

Here is a pic of the school bell at Morehouse:


School Bell (via EricaJoy)

Tonight's game will really test the Wildcats' 3-point defense.  Morehouse is not only quicker and more athletic than Transy, they are a very good 3-point shooting team, averaging almost 37% as a team last year, which would have put them in the top 15% of 3-point shooting teams in Division I last year, and all their best shooters are returning.

6'4"/180# Junior forward Daniyal Faquir is the leading returning scorer for Morehouse at 15.2/gm, and the leading 3-point threat, shooting 48% from the arc.  Forward Jonathan Tassim is the leading rebounder (3.5/gm), and no slouch himself from the arc at 32%, and the second-leading long-range shooter.  The tallest Morehouse player is 6'8” Charles DeCosta, a transfer from Howard University.  Morehouse will average around 6'5 on the front line.

As usual, this game should be a foregone conclusion, especially with UK 100% healthy.  According to Calipari (via Kentucky Sports Radio) Stacey Poole is "still on the roster," and tonight's game could provide a bit of drama if he gets up off the bench and plays.  I would say at that point, we would know about his transfer status.  I find myself wishing he would stay, because I see a potential for an outstanding player in him.

I hope we see better picks tonight than we saw last week.  It seems that the pick and roll, or picks entering into the Dribble Drive Motion, are going to be a really big part of Kentucky basketball this year.  We need to see better execution this game, and the starting lineup will be really interesting.  Where does senior Darius Miller fit in with Michael Kidd-Gilchrist a sure (and deserving) starter?

Go, 'Cats!