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Kentucky vs. Ole Miss: Virtual Tailgate

Welcome to the virtual tailgate of the Mississippi Rebels @ Kentucky Wildcats football game.  Two winless teams collide in an SEC matchup that means ... absolutely nothing for either team, except to be able to claim their first victory in the conference.

Today's tailgate will feature more southern food, because... well, Southeastern Conference, doh!  Just in case your arteries aren't sufficiently hardened from the last couple of virtual tailgates, we'll try to inch you ever closer to coronary artery disease again today.  Don't fear the Reaper.

So come on in, grab some high-calorie, unhealthy food and an appropriate adult beverage, and we'll talk football after you're fed.

We always start of with a proper adult beverage, and today, we'll be serving:


mint julep

Mint Juleps, baby, in honor of the Breeder's Cup races at Churchill Downs, which I'll be betting even as I watch the football game.

This is a proper Julep, also.  Heavy on the bourbon and ice, light on everything else.  Except the mint.  Mmmm.

Don't like Mint Juleps?  We also have beer, of course:


Something nice and rich for a colder day, and high in alcohol content to warm you up.

Today, in honor of our friends from Ole Miss, we'll be having another deep south classic:


Battered Shrimps

Batter-fried shrimp, of course, served hot out of the fryer. Goes well with everything, especially nice, cold beer. Or Mint Juleps.

For those who prefer turf rather than surf, we're going to be serving:


Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Barbecue pulled pork sandwiches.  If you don't like this, I'm worried about you.  And forget what your doctor said about your cholesterol -- live a little.

Finally, the side dish:


Mmm... baked beans

Baked beans.  Yes, that is lots of bacon on top.  Pork fat rules.

So now that we're fed and have our drinks, let's talk a little football.

Ole Miss has been almost as hapless as Kentucky has on offense this year, having scored 23 more points against SEC foes than Kentucky.  Ole Miss was expected to struggle this year, and they have pretty much delivered on that prediction.

What's different about Kentucky this game is that freshman Maxwell Smith will be starting at quarterback, and he'll be pretty much on his own.  Morgan Newton is an emergency option only, and Joker has said that he will burn Bookie Cobbins' redshirt if necessary today (which means if Smith gets hurt).

Another bit of bad news for the 'Cats is that Raymond Sanders and CoShik Williams are both questionable for the game, having struggled with injuries and getting no reps during practice this week.  I expect one or both may be able to go, but it is likely that neither will be at 100%

Mississippi is not injury free, but unlike UK, they have all their skill players available.  Their one major injury concern is starting center A.J. Hawkins, who was suspended for a violation of team rules several games ago and is questionable today.

So talk about the game in here, the open game thread will go up at game time.

Go, 'Cats!