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Kentucky Wildcat Football: In Honor of Danny Trevathan

How great was yesterday's win over Tennessee?  OK, that's a dumb question (the answer: too great for mere words).  Of course, yesterday wrapped up the college career of one of the great Cats: Danny Trevathan.  I was struck by a comment Danny made in the LHL article about him on Saturday:

When asked what he hopes Kentucky fans will remember about Danny Trevathan, the senior linebacker hits all the talking points about giving his all and being a hard worker.

Then he pauses for a second and says: "I just hope people remember me."

I don't think there is any danger of Kentucky fans forgetting about #22, and pretty soon NFL offenses are going to get to know him real well. 

But in honor of Danny Trevathan, I offer the following:

  • 70% of the earth is covered by water.  The rest is covered by Danny Trevathan.
  • Danny Trevathan plays defense because his use on offense is classified a war crime by the U.N.
  • Tim Tebow steps out of bounds when he sees Danny Trevathan.
  • Danny Trevathan does not chase down receivers.  He runs in place, spinning the earth until the receivers come to him.
  • Andrew Luck returned to Stanford because he thought Danny Trevathan would enter the draft last year.
  • NFL skill players started the lockout when they discovered Danny Trevathan would enter the league the next year.
  • NFL owners ended the lockout when it was brought to their attention that Danny Trevathan would be available to be drafted this year.
  • Danny Trevathan does not get drafted.  He allows NFL teams to bid on his services.
  • Danny Trevathan's tackles break the First Law of Thermodynamics.
  • Danny Trevathan is Chuck Norris's hero.

That's all for now, but I invite you to leave your own tributes to Danny in the comments.