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Christmas comes early as it's Kentucky 10, Tennessee 7

Consider this your post-game celebration thread as Glenn works on the Postmortem.

Worse season in five years ... staring quarterback who hasn't taken a snap since high school ... a coach under the gun from an eroding fan base ... it's the stuff legends and legendary moments are made of.  After being very tough on Matt Roark for the last four seasons, with his buttery hands and all, it's now time to congratulate the senior for an effort that won't soon be forgotten.  But, it was UK's defense who also came through in a big way on this day.  They limited big plays (to one), and they attacked Tennessee with a vengeance, sending 20 Wildcat seniors home as the first team to beat the Vols since 1984.  Congratulations to the players and the coaching staff (for putting in the option attack in five days).  Well done, gentlemen.