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Tennessee 7 @ Kentucky 10: Postmor ... Ah, what the hell, THE STREAK is Dead. Party Like it's 1984!

Glorianus!  The Streak is dead, and it's filthy remains dragged through Commonwealth Stadium.
Glorianus! The Streak is dead, and it's filthy remains dragged through Commonwealth Stadium.

Sorry to the Gods of the Internet for the extremely mild profanity in the title, but this is a special occasion and it demands that I toss my normal decorum unceremoniously out the window.  No, make that through, the window, I'm not even going to open it.  The Streak is dead, and it's reeking remains are being dragged through Commonwealth Stadium.

For the Volunteers, we have to appreciate that they were in nearly as bad a state of disrepair as UK was.  Their quarterback was barely functional, several major players injured, and had suffered through a season of equal misery to us, especially considering this turn of events.  It had to end sometime, Vol fans, but you have my respect.  We may not win another against you guys until I am in my dotage, but at least I lived long enough to see this.

Matt Roark.  What can I say?  He is officially a legend at Kentucky, and did it in the most incredibly unlikely way of all.  But before we get too tied into the remarkable story of a wide receiver turned last-second quarterback when UK's starters and backups went down with injury, let's not forget that it was the defense that stepped up and played perhaps their best game all year against our biggest rival in the SEC, if you can really call a team that has dominated UK for over a quarter of a century a "rival" in any meaningful sense.

Quick list of great things:

  • Matt Roark.  Game ball.  'Nuff said.
  • CoShik Williams played this game like a full grown man.  He ran like he was 6'1, 230# instead of 5'9", 180#.
  • Danny Trevathan and Winston Guy, the Pain Brothers.  They brought the wood today.
  • The offensive line did a good job, but not a great one.  I'll take it with pleasure.
  • Alvin Dupree was really getting it done out there today. The young man is a playah.

That's all I have.  I am emotionally exhausted, have to do the basketball pre-game, and frankly, I just want to party like it's 1984.

Go, 'Cats!!!!

UPDATE:  This video courtesy of KSR: